Welcome to LivePublisher!

Our Website Sucked.

Oh, Sh*t!

After years of frustration in working with other web hosting software, content management systems, and the multitude of add-ons, templates, site security, certificates, and integrations, we grew tired of the seamingly endless headaches of running a business website.

You, Too?

We found it wasn’t just us. Our friends, our business associates, both web savvy and not, all experienced the same thing. Setting up a site was great, but maintaining the contenta and software presented headaches, and “the web guy” was nowhere to be found.


We set out to create a simple web publishing system for our own business needs, and along the way we discovered that what we were building could also work for other businesses and entrepreneurs, and LivePublisher was born.

Does Your Website Suck?

Find out more about the solutions we’ve built. We are still developing the software so we might not be a good fit for all customers, but tell us about your current site and we’ll see if we’re right for you.

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But is it Affordable?

LivePublisher provides many features and solutions that assemble to create your whole website. There are no templates to buy or plugins to install. We integrate with growing list of best-in-class services like HubSpot, MailChimp, and Google Analytics.

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