LivePublisher Pricing

More Than Just Your Website

LivePublisher is more than just your website. It’s the new building blocks for your business. You can’t compare the price of LivePublisher to the price of your current web hosting company. You have to compare it to the total cost of running your website. What others charge more for, we've included.

Simple Website? Simple Pricing.

Need a simple website? Pricing starts at $25 per month. Other sites tease you with free and lower costs, but when you add up the cost of plugins and templates, SSL certificates, backups, and additional services, you find the total cost of running your website increases as you add features and functionality.

Complex Website? Affordable Pricing.

Need more help in setting up and running your site? We have flexible and affordable pricing, professional services, and design services. We need to know more about your business in order to calculate your costs, so schedule a time to chat with us.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Secure and Scalable

Your website comes with security and scalability built in. Free SSL certificates ensure your site traffic is encrypted. Scalability ensure our servers can handle any amount of traffic you need as you grown.

Pay for What You Use

Our modular approach allows you to select the features you need. Our object-based apporach lets you publish more than pages and blog posts. Semantic-rich data for events, business organizations, image galleries, and more, reinforce your SEO.

Global Content Delivery

Powered by Amazon’s global content delivery network, pages and images load faster all over the world.


Pay for the components you use.



Pay for the solutions based on your goals.



Need more than just a site? We can help with architecture, layout, graphics, and strategy.


Does Your Website Suck?

Find out more about the solutions we’ve built. We are still developing the software so we might not be a good fit for all customers, but tell us about your current site and we’ll see if we’re right for you.

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