LivePublisher Site Setup

Contact Information

Provide the contact information for your site.

Primary Contact

Billing Contact

Administrator Emails

Enter the email addresses of users that have full administrator privileges.

Site Identification

Provide the name of your site and your default logos.

This is the user-facing name of your site

Domain Name and DNS

Use your own registrar and manage your own DNS, or register with us and we’ll manage your DNS for you.

Host Name

Your host name is the full name you want to use for your site.

Host Name Aliases

Enter additional host name aliases. These will redirect to your primary host name.


LivePublisher provides multiple ways to authenticate to your site. Choose the methods you want to use. You can enable or disable the methods or add addtional methods at any time.

Facebook Login (recommended)

Facebook Login allows visitors to login to your site with their Facebook username and password.


Self-registration allows visitors to create their own account with their own username and password. Account names can be validated by email or mobile phone.